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Tom's A+ Notes

The following notes are from a collection that I have gathered over the years.  Please feel free to use them for your studies, and I'm sorry I forgot where I got a lot of these notes to give credits! 

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TOM'S A+ Notes

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 Tom's MCSE Notes

 Tom's Office 2007 Notes


 WHAT DO *I* THINK of Windows, Apple and Linux?

I use all three, Windows/Apple/Linux (in that order, but not so much Linux) - reality is that 90% of the machines in the WORLD are Microsoft based. There must be a reason for it. Say what you want, but the numbers are still there.

All programs have their good points as well all programs really stink in other areas.

Because everyone is readily shared their problems with Windows, I'll go the opposite way and share problems I see with Linux and Apple are:


1. Corporate Image - the stereotypical picture of a Linux admin/user to a majority of people/managers/decision makers is not very conducive to growth.

2. Fragmentation - ask 100 Linux prop-heads which distro is best for your office and get 101 answers.

3. Versions - everyone knocks Windows for the different versions, but how many are there for say just SUSE, in the past 10 years?

4. Training and Trainers. Not too many classes being offered, or instructors running around at the moment. Is Linux that easy to learn that these training facility and folks are not offering it full time?



1. Apple won't make it because it is a cult. Period. The world is more than funny ads and young 'metro' sales/knowledge advisor's.

2. It is still clunky in interface, unable to rename mapped drives, restrictive usage for left hander's, unable to resize a window anywhere, and closing a program doesn't really mean closing a program.

3. As well all that hardware you bought for your other machines are now useless. Meaning non-swappable.

4. Try resizing open windows.  Can only do it in the bottom right corner for some reason.  Windows does it anywhere.

5. Closing a program.  Option+Q otherwise it docks down below.  I want it closed when I click on "close" button (what a concept eh).


Open Office:

Egad, I feel like I'm back in early 90's or stuck in some Microsoft Works 3.0 vortex.

People like shiny things and Office 2007 is just that.

Pain in the butt to learn, switch over to, but shiny to look at when working with it.  Actually I am starting to like it.


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Tom McLaughlin is certified in CompTIA A+ 220-1001 and 1002, as well as Network+ N10-007 and Security+ SY0-601. 
He is also certified in IT Fundamentals ITF+  FC0-U62

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